Sightseeing in Parga

Natural cave of Afrodite in Lichnos beach (6 km from Parga town)

The church of Ai Sostis in the natural cave near Ai Sostis beach (3 km from Parga town, 1 km from Anthousa village)

Virgin Mary island near the center of Parga town ( 100 m. from Parga port)

The Venetian castle of Parga, located in the old village of Parga town (200 m. from Parga center through the steps)

Paragea, the traditional oil factory that became museum (at the center of Parga)

Hiking in the olive grooves, the watermills and waterfalls from Valtos beach up to Anthousa village

Vlacherna monastery, located on the hill near Valtos beach

The cobblestone streets within the city

The numerous churches at the center of Parga, surrounding and on the small islands

The church of saint Nicholas, the patron saint of Parga (center of Parga)

The church museum (center of Parga)

The castle of Ali Pasha at Trikorfo village, up from Anthousa village (3 km from Parg town)

Αξιοθέατα στη γύρω περιοχή

The watersprings of Acheron river at Gliki village (28 km from Parga town)

The sea caves of Paxos island (1 hour by boat from the main port of Parga)

The Amvrakikos gulf and national park at Preveza (65 km from Parga town)

The Nekromantion at Mesopotamos village (15 km from Parga town)

The biggest town of ancient Greece, Nikopolis, near the town of Preveza (65 km from Parga town)

The castle and historical villages of Souli (45 km from Parga town)

The monument of Zalogos (55 km from Parga)

The ancient theater and area of Dodoni (75 km from Parga)